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Laxative (Homeolax) Safe and Gentle Natural Remedy for Constipation
Laxative (Homeolax) Safe and Gentle Natural Remedy for Constipation
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  • Brand: BestMade Natural Products
  • Manufacturer: BM Homeopathics
NO cramping, or RUNNING. Provides you with gentle and effective relief of constipation. Won't interact with any medications or other treatments. etc.. These are even safe for small children and pregnant women. This is our top selling product. It works so well, that many of our clients with Chronic pain will buy a dozen boxes at a time, just to make sure they always have some on-hand. Composition: Fumaria ParviflouraD1, Filipendula Ulm, ChirataD2, CaffineD4, ElateriumD3, Magnesia PhosD2, Calcium PhosD2 Headache, toothache, menstrual pains & general rheumatism etc. Dosage: Adult two tablets with water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic Doctor. Packing: tablet blister pack standard quality packing
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