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The Republic Of Tea Get Lost Stackable Tea Tin, 42 Tea Bags
The Republic Of Tea Get Lost Stackable Tea Tin, 42 Tea Bags
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  • Brand: The Republic of Tea
  • Manufacturer: The Republic Of Tea
Each individual airtight compartment contains 14 natural, unbleached, round tea bags. Get Lean: A stimulating base of premium green tea and organic green mate energize your body and keep your mind alert. Dandelion root and chickweed help to eliminate excess water weight.* Contains caffeine. Get Burning: This spicy herbal blend will rev up your internal engine and increase your body's metabolism and resistance to stress. Cordyceps, a Chinese medicinal herb, boosts energy and endurance.* Caffeine-free. Get Lost: Organic red rooibos with banaba leaves and cinnamon helps control cravings while carob and gymnema leaves help tame your sweet tooth.* Sip before or after a meal. Caffeine-free. Certified Kosher, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Carb Free, Zero Calorie.
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