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Kale Power Smoothie 5-day Cleanse, 10 Count (+Protein Flavor)
Kale Power Smoothie 5-day Cleanse, 10 Count (+Protein Flavor)
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  • ASIN: B014E26EPO
  • Brand: Brigitte's Naturally Alive
  • Manufacturer: Brigitte's Naturally Alive
Looking for an easy cleanse that's not a juice fast? Brigitte's Naturally KALE POWER 5-DAY CLEANSE is an easy way to get powerful whole-food nutrition into your day. Our Kale Power smoothie meal replacements are blended, not juiced, so they retain the beneficial fiber and protein of the organic plants. We blend organic kale, organic fruit, organic chia seeds and organic green superfood powder to make a thick and hearty meal that provides you with all of your daily servings of veggies and fruit. We also cold-pressure and freeze the smoothies to preserve their nutrients. Because these green beauties are highly perishable, we ship your frozen 10-pack of Kale Power via USPS Priority 2-day Mail. Orders usually arrive within 3-4 business days from your order date. 'Wow! I an so impressed! When I first ordered my Green Power six pack, I thought it may be more of a chore to drink the smoothies, but was willing to give it a try. To my surprise, the packaging and presentation were delightful and I guzzled them down with pleasure. The consistency and flavor are fabulous! And having Green Power in my fridge makes it easy for me to grab a healthy, quick, filling alternative when I am in a hurry. Some days I use them as a meal replacement, but often find myself sipping one (on the rocks) throughout the day and I am certain that they are a hugely beneficial swap in my beverage routine.' L. Farmer, GA.
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