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Detox: Cleanse Diet, The Ultimate Detox for fit & healthy body, Detox diet for weight loss, Anti Aging, Clear Skin diet with 30 detox recipes (smoothies, ... Holistic Healing (Diet book Book 2)
Detox: Cleanse Diet, The Ultimate Detox for fit & healthy body, Detox diet for weight loss, Anti Aging, Clear Skin diet with 30 detox recipes (smoothies, ... Holistic Healing (Diet book Book 2)
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Detox Cleanse Diet

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Do you have a problem in losing weight?
Have you been eating a lot of junk food recently?
Have you been feeling like Depressed, heavier, sleep deprived or sluggish?
Do you suffer from frequent mild headaches or skin problems?
Want to remove unwanted toxins from your body?
This book will help you to solve your problems through detox diet.

Quick introduction

Human body is innately genetically designed to fight against toxin. It is designed to process nutrients and take toxins. It is built in that way it will eliminate bad toxins. The problem is, if our body can handle toxic environment, then why we are suffering from various diseases? The answer to this is our body is “Over tasked”. Our body is not built to handle that much work.
In today’s world cancer and heart diseases are not uncommon. Every 10 out of 6 people in the world are dying of these diseases. This is a shocking fact as neither one of these are genetic. The simple reason for this is our “Lifestyle choices”. These are totally dependent on the path we choose to live our life.
Spotty skin, Dry, fungal infections, headaches, depression, bloating, lack of energy, allergies, joint pain, gas and constipation these may all be indications that your body has more toxin than it can handle.

To overcome above all problems you have to follow healthy lifestyle and this book will help you to achieve that healthy lifestyle.

Table of Content


1) What is Body Detoxification?

2) Why Detoxify Body?

3) Sources, Symptoms and Effects of Toxins

4) How to Detox Body?

5) Best Foods for Body Detoxification

6) Top Delicious Detoxification Recipes
 Breakfast Recipes
1. Mango Lassi (nectarine)
2. Cream Smoothie
3. Blueberries with Chocolate
4. Fruit Drink
5. Steamed Beet
6. Apple Pancake (Grain-Free, Paleo, Gluten-Free)
7. Green detox drink
8. Breakfast Smoothie
 Lunch Recipes (Solid Meal)
9. Brown Rice Nachos (gluten and wheat free)
10. Fried Chicken
11. Squash Noodles
12. Carrot Ginger Soup + Cabbage salad
13. Cream spinach soup + fresh tomato salad
14. Chicken Lettuce Wraps
15. Sweet Potato with Greens
16. Black Bean with Quinoa Chili
 Dinner Recipes (Light meal) or Salad
17. Raspberry Salad
18. Mango Avocado Salad
19. Spicy Chicken
20. Raw vegetable salad
21. Ginger Pasta Salad
22. Almond Egg Hummus
23. Italian Pasta Salad
24. Spicy Veggie Burgers (Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, low fat)
 Snacks
25. kale chips
26. Roasted Chickpeas
 Drinks
27. Lemonade
28. Coffee Granita
 Salad Dressing
29. Vinegar Dressing
30. Tahini Ginger Dressing

7) Body Detoxification FAQ

Reasons to buy this book
1. This Book will provide you detail information about detox diet.
2. You will get 30 Detox recipes (breakfast smoothies recipes, Lunch recipes, dinner recipes)
3. You will get 2 FREE books (50 Smoothies for fit and healthy body + food remedies book)

So Enjoy this secret of beautiful and healthy body!

Good luck :)
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